3 Reasons To Hire a State-Licensed In-Home Care Agency

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When it becomes clear your aging parent, family member, or friend needs more help than you can provide, you’re faced with a myriad of questions and challenges in finding help. Where to begin? Learn three reasons to hire a state-licensed in-home care agency to get that help.

Hiring and Management

A state-licensed in-home care agency is required to comply with all applicable employment laws. They also will vet applicants, including performing background checks. They take care of payroll, taxes, insurance, and training. A reputable, licensed agency will be able to tell you what their caregivers are qualified or unable to do for your loved one. Our top reason to hire a state-licensed in-home care agency is their ability to take care of legal compliance for employment and provide insurance.

Some agencies provide only companionship, transportation, and/or running errands. At Caring Hearts Premier Home Care of Palm Desert, CA, our caregivers can provide meal preparation, medication management, and supervision for elders suffering from memory issues.

A state-licensed agency will also provide more highly individualized care. Most will meet with you to develop a personalized plan of care. This plan will address your loved one’s specific needs for medication management, companionship, assistance with dressing and toileting, exercise, recreation, and transportation.


Another reason to hire a state-licensed in-home care agency is that it’s more likely to have provided training for its caregivers and should have documented that training. When you ask about training, the agency will have specifics for you. They should be able to tell you how long the person they’ll be sending has been with the agency and what type of training and experience the caregiver has had.

When you try to find and hire help on your own, you can never be sure how well they’ve been trained. You’d need to conduct background checks, pursue proof of certifications in things like CPR and first aid, and contact several references to verify their claims of competence. State-licensed agencies do all this for you.


When your regular caregiver cannot come as scheduled, an agency will be able to provide backup. It’s far less likely that you’d be taken by surprise by a caregiver failing to show up with a licensed agency than with independently hired help. With the consistency an agency can provide, you don’t have to worry about unexpected changes in schedules or caregivers who are not committed to their jobs.

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