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Bette Davis acknowledged, famously, that aging wasn’t for the faint of heart. Ms. Davis handled aging with sass and style, even through breast cancer, a massive stroke, and a broken hip.  

Ms. Davis had a trusted live-in assistant who traveled with her and helped her look her best on set and when she accepted many of her multiple awards. She stayed in the hospital with Miss Davis to keep an eye on her care and fend off journalists posing as friends and family.  

All our elder loved ones deserve the same level of care and devotion. Unfortunately, it isn’t often possible for family members themselves to provide care and companionship around the clock. Yet seniors dealing with an array of ailments, as Ms. Davis did, often are left to cope with a dizzying array of prescription medications, each with their own timetables, dosages, and potential interactions and side effects. It can be overwhelming not only for the older person but also for family members trying to help. 

Caring Hearts Premier Home Care of Palm Desert, CA, can help. We provide trained caregivers skilled in medication management for seniors. Our in-home medication management services ensure your loved one receives their medication on schedule, in the right dose, and according to doctor’s orders and label instructions. Although some seniors are initially resistant to accepting help, they will come to appreciate medication management services that release them from the struggle of opening pill bottles, sorting medications into pill boxes, and setting timers to remind them of when to take a pill.  

Having a trained caregiver who can handle medication management for seniors gives family members who can’t be there 24-7 peace of mind that prescriptions won’t get mixed up and that their loved one is receiving assistance that ensures they get the benefit of their medications as intended by their doctor. 

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