4 Ways To Help a Senior Living With Arthritis

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Arthritis can make everyday tasks and even something as simple as movement painful and difficult. If your parents, friends, or other loved ones experience arthritis, you may be wondering what you can do to aid them. Here are four ways you can help a senior living with arthritis in your life.

Understand Arthritis Better

The first step to being able to help is better understanding your loved one’s condition. Arthritis can affect everyone in unique ways, which requires distinct care and treatment. For example, your senior loved one might experience arthritis in their hands and fingers, which may make it difficult to do daily tasks such as cooking, opening packages, and other fine motor tasks. Walking up and down stairs is a difficult task for seniors who have arthritis conditions in their knees. Once you understand where your loved one is experiencing pain or difficulties, you can provide better aid.

Help Manage Medications and Devices

There are many medications and accessories that can help seniors manage their arthritis symptoms. For example, some seniors may need devices such as canes and walkers to assist them with their mobility. Others may need to take various medications prescribed by their doctor to manage their pain. By helping them manage their doses and keeping their mobility devices close, you can help them manage their symptoms so they can get back to their favorite daily tasks.

Practice Arthritis Treatments

Along with medication, there are also other ways to treat and relieve arthritis symptoms. For example, temperature-based treatments such as hot and cold exposure can help reduce stiff joints. Even encouraging seniors to exercise can help manage and relieve arthritis symptoms. Many experts recommend exercise to alleviate stiffness and promote functional movement.

Hire a Family Caregiver

If you can’t always be there yourself to take care of your loved one’s condition, consider hiring a family caretaker for assistance. This allows you to take time for your own health while also leaving your loved ones in good, professional hands. Find a caregiver agency with experience working with those with arthritis and the assistance that this condition demands.

Now that you know some of the best ways to take care of a senior living with arthritis, you can provide better aid and assistance to your family members and other loved ones. And if you need help managing their condition, you can always turn to our professional caregivers here at Caring Hearts Premiere Home Care.