Tips for Talking to Parents About Elder Care

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If you can’t visit your aging parents often enough to provide the care and assistance they need, you might be considering in-home care services. However, assisted care can be a sensitive topic for many elders, which is why you should approach it with care and caution. Use these tips for talking to your aging parents about elder care in the future.

Don’t Spring the Conversation on Them

The topic of elder care can be a difficult one for many aging parents. Avoid approaching the topic when your loved ones are anxious or stressed out. If they have a fall or a medical emergency, it could seem like the right time to suggest aid. However, the heavy topic combined with the stress of recent events could make them more resistant to the idea. Instead, present the idea early, while your loved ones have plenty of time to consider and clarity of mind. Allow them to build up to the idea of receiving in-home or other forms of elder care.

Focus on the Benefits

It can be easy to focus on the ‘why’ when considering in-home care for your parents. However, try not to focus solely on why your parents need assistance, especially when bringing the topic up with them. Rather than dwelling on their conditions or issues that led to them requiring assistance, focus on the benefits of elder care that they can look forward to. Mention how nice it will be to have assistance with housekeeping and other daily chores. These benefits may outweigh their unease regarding such a big change.

Explain How They Maintain Independence

For many adults, one of their biggest fears of growing old is losing their sense of independence. Some elders may view assistance from an in-home caregiver as losing this sense of independence and freedom. However, in-home care services can help prevent falls, injuries, missed medications, and other events that could lead to their full loss of independence. Rather than hospitalization or moving to an assisted living facility, your parents can still live in the comforts of their own home with a caregiver’s help.

Many children across the generations will have to have tough conversations with their aging parents, such as seeking in-home care. However, with these tips for talking to parents about elder care, you can lighten the weight of the conversation and approach it with care. If you’re looking for in-home care in the Palm Desert, California area, consider our services at Caring Hearts Premier Home Care.