What Are the Earliest Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease?

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We should all be aware of our own conditions and our loved ones’ conditions as we age. If you have concerns about your aging parents, you could be wondering about some of the earliest symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Typically, symptoms of Alzheimer’s first appear in seniors of age 65 and older. If you have loved ones who fall into this age range, watch for some of these signs that could point to Alzheimer’s disease.

Disruptive Memory Problems

While all adults have changes in their memory abilities as they age, those with Alzheimer’s experience more severe memory issues. The first signs of memory decline due to Alzheimer’s are forgetting recent information as well as important dates and events. If you notice your loved ones asking the same questions repeatedly about information they used to handle on their own, this could be a sign. These signs are usually more disruptive than typical age-related memory changes, which can include forgetting names or minor dates for a brief time and remembering them later.

Issues Completing Daily Tasks

The common memory loss issues associated with Alzheimer’s can also impact your loved one’s ability to complete daily tasks. A common sign of Alzheimer’s is difficulty completing tasks that you would normally be familiar with, such as driving to a favorite location. Alzheimer’s can make it difficult to complete daily tasks that are associated with memory. For example, remembering a grocery list or driving to the local doctor’s office could become challenging for a senior developing Alzheimer’s.

Difficulties With Speaking and Socializing

Another early sign of Alzheimer’s is difficulty socializing. People with Alzheimer’s often have trouble recalling words or pieces of information in a conversation, which can lead to repeating themselves frequently or having difficulty contributing. The combination of memory issues and difficulty speaking can cause people with Alzheimer’s to struggle holding and following conversations. This may lead to withdrawal from social activities and engagements with peers or family.

These are some of the biggest early signs of Alzheimer’s disease to watch out for in your loved ones. Often, people developing signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s will need assistance completing tasks like normal. If your loved one is dealing with symptoms of Alzheimer’s, our team at Caring Hearts Premier Home Care can help them live comfortably while they pursue treatment. We offer home care services to help your loved ones complete their daily tasks properly, remember their medications, and more.